Safe solutions for food industry

Components and pipelines used in production facilities and machinery must comply with the standards of the food industry to ensure product safety. Our stainless steel products are of high quality and meet the most stringent requirements. The specific requirements for the products may vary depending on their application. Food-grade pipes are manufactured in accordance with the EN 10357:2013 standard, guaranteeing product safety. The material certificate accompanying the pipe provides information about the product's origin and manufacturing process.

As our customer, you will benefit from significant time and cost savings, as our extensive range of products allows you to find all the necessary components without the need for multiple orders, logistics coordination, shipping, and invoicing from various sources.

Our products and services for the food industry and its subcontractors


  • Pipes
  • Pipe fittings


  • Transportation services

Our products and services are designed to meet the specific needs of the food industry, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality and safe products in a timely manner.

We offer

  • A wide range of products complying with EN standards
  • Expertise in meeting material requirements for the food industry
  • Proactive approach to anticipating maintenance needs in facilities
  • Fast and precise transportation services

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