Industrial maintenance

Our operational flexibility and diverse inventory bring cost savings to our customers. A high-quality spare part, raw material, or required product can be obtained quickly. Our inventory ensures the serviceability of maintenance units or companies' own stock. Our own transportation service or our partner can deliver the spare part on-site when needed.

Our individualized service extends to exceptional circumstances as well. If a machine or device breaks down, we have expertise in suggesting alternative solutions to maintain production until a final resolution is found. This way, we can prevent or minimize production downtime. By choosing a spare part from us, you receive a high-quality component in one go. We can manufacture the necessary spare part based on customer's specifications or provide the exact or even surpassing requirements raw material to the desired subcontractor for production in a timely manner.


Our Products:

  • Flanges and collars
  • Valves
  • High-pressure fittings

Our Services:

  • Cutting services
  • Transportation services

We offer

  • A wide range of stainless steel products and product variations
  • Comprehensive inventory to support the customer's own stock
  • Expertise in acute situations
  • Fast delivery and transportation services

Do you have any questions about our products for industrial maintenance?

Mikko Stén

Mikko Stén

Managing Director

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